10 year old comes home with $260 ticket for bad behavior

When I first saw the headline I thought I read it incorrectly. Apparently not! In Texas, children can be given a ticket for bad behavior. This particular ticket was a class C misdemeanor. That’s right homeschoolers; send your kid to public school in Texas and if they have a bad day look out! A court date will be in your future.

The 4029 news article can be read here. As a parent I am appalled. What is there to be gained from a child who is acting out being fined. He is 10 years old and on meds for behavior issues. The meds make him drowsy and he fell asleep in class. When he was awakened, he acted out and received a ticket for $260. This kid now has to appear in court and make a statement. He is only 10. This child did not threaten or hurt another child or adult, he did not cause property damage. Although he was disruptive, does the punishment fit the crime?

Another issued raised by this child’s mother is that her son does not understand why he was ticketed and what the ticket was about. This 10-year-old does not make the connection between having to appear in court and acting out in school. Many 10 year olds would not be able to make the connection.

Homeschool is definitely better. Perhaps this kids mom could use some help finding a better solution for her sons educational needs. The public school system in the El Paso Independent School District needs to get their priorities in order for sure. I cannot see for the life of me how this child’s educational and emotional needs are being met by the school district.

Just another example of why we choose to homeschool. Hopefully this will never occur in Arkansas.

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Posted on 7 October '09 by , under Educational scandals, News.

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