Arkansas Legislative Update

Two bills were defeated this afternoon. SB578 and SB774.

SB578 would have allowed for Arkansas homeschoolers to receive the Governor’s Distinguished Scholar Scholarships. Not only did they kill this bill, but the way that it was defeated it is not allowed to be revisited next session. This scholarship goes to students who score 32 or higher on the ACT and can demonstrate high GPA and leadership qualities. The problem is, is that students are required to show leadership by participation in student council and by holding other school club offices. Homeschoolers do not have schools but the participate in 4H, scouts, church and other activities that demonstrate leadership. Rep. Johnnie Roebuck was key to killing this bill. We should all call her and ask her why she is so predjudiced against homeschoolers. See the debate here

SB774 also known as the Tim Tebow Bill was defeated by a single vote. This bill would have allowed homeschoolers to play on public school teams, including high school teams. The current law states that homeschooled children are banned from participating in any AAA event.

Call your state legislators and give them an earful!


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#1 Posted by Deirdra Coppel (06.04.11 at 16:25 )

Totally agree with you on this. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
Go to and pick up your award.

#2 Posted by Lynda (06.04.11 at 18:23 )

Thanks for the award 🙂

#3 Posted by Alex J Cavanaugh (07.04.11 at 07:59 )

Don’t forget the A to Z Challenge started last Friday.

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