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Free Big History Curriculum from History Channel

Lynda Altman

Lynda Altman, author and creator of Arkansas Homeschoolers

This is just a quick post to let you know about a great freebie from the History Channel. If you have homeschool kids in middle school and high school, grab the free, Big History curriculum while supplies last. This is completely free, they do not charge for shipping.

You will receive a USB drive with the curriculum and videos on it. This curriculum coincides with the History Channel’s new series, Big History.

When History Channel did this with Ammerica, the Story of Us, I requested the DVD set. My kids and I were thrilled with it. We had a blast with all the activities.

To get your copy of Big History, just fill out the online form.


Hope this was helpful

— Lynda

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Free access to Discovery Education for 30 days

I love freebies. Discovery Education has amazing content for grades kindergarten through 12. Once upon a time, the state of Arkansas gave homeschoolers free access to Discovery Streaming. Those days are long gone. The good news is that through the Home School Buyers Co-op you can get a free, 30-day trial to Discovery Streaming.


I like Discovery Streaming because it has video content on a variety of subjects. Students can explore history, art, science, math, and language arts. Parents can assign their children specific content to watch. The trial subscription is unlimited. Parents can preview all video content prior to allowing their children to watch.


In addition to the streaming videos, Discovery Education has lesson plans and activities. Sometimes even veteran homeschool parents need new ideas. I have found Discovery Education very helpful when I am putting together a unit study. Parents have plenty of multi-disciplinary options at their fingertips.


This is truly a free trial. You will not be asked to provide credit card information. If you love Discovery Education Streaming and want to purchase it for your homeschool; make your purchase through the Home School Buyers Co-op before September 30, 2013. They are currently offering a one-year subscription for $99. The retail price for Discovery Streaming is $199, so don’t wait to make a purchase if you want this for your homeschool.


I recommend getting the free 30-day trial. You have nothing to lose and if you like it, you can purchase it at a steep discount. This is a great offer, especially for households with limited TV. At $99 it costs about the same for the year as Netflix or Hulu Plus, but the content is educational.



Hope this was helpful


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Homeschool freebie: Make it Real by Math Mammoth

If you are not familiar with Math Mammoth, you should check them out. There is a ton of free math worksheets and materials on their website. One of my favorite freebies from this website is the Make it Real, Volume 1, activity sampler. The ten lessons in this sample book show your child exactly why math is important.


The lessons are real life situations that your child will eventually come across. Make it Real starts off with a lesson on choosing a cell phone plan. Your child is given a data set—rates for different plans—and they must choose which plan would be the most cost effective for a given situation. This lesson is for kids who have already been exposed to working with linear equations. After completing the lesson, why not have your child examine your current cell phone plan to see if you are getting the best deal.


Cooking in the Kitchen is the second activity in the sampler. This lesson involves working with fractions and percents. Students will explore the importance of fractions and percents by working with a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. You can take this one step further and perform the practice exercises in your kitchen.


Several lessons include higher level math including calculus. Some lessons, such as the lesson on investigating cubic functions, may not be suitable for younger children. This particular lesson uses teen pregnancy statistics as the basis for the lesson. I know many parents who would prefer not to touch on this subject with younger children.


The ebook is free to download as a pdf file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other program that can read pdf files in order to use the book. You can download the Make it Real ebook here.

Hope this was helpful


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Homeschool Freebie: Math Mammoth Percent

I like things that are free and here is a good one. Math Mammoth is offering the Math Mammoth Percent ebook for free, now through August 18, 2013. The book is designed for middle school students or students performing in math grade levels six through eight.

If you are unfamiliar with Math Mammoth, this is a good time to check them out. They do not sell their math worksheets and curriculum directly, you have to go through one of several vendors, like the Home School Buyers Co-op,  to purchase it. All of the products are available for download, some are available in print and CD format.

Click here for the free Math Mammoth Percent ebook.

Hope you find this useful



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Free Hair Cuts for Kids

JC Penny is giving kids in kindergarten through grade 6 free hair cuts during the month of August. All you have to do is call or visit one of their in-store salons to make an appointment. This is a great money saver, whether or not you homeschool. If you have more than one kid, the savings are incredible. Click here to learn more about this opportunity.


I would jump on this opportunity but my kids are too old. My youngest is in the 7th grade and looks like he is 15. Hopefully this information will save some of you a few dollars. I’d book my appointment soon because once word of this spreads, their appointment times will fill up fast. You do not need any special codes or coupons to take advantage of the offer. Just tell them when you drop in or call for your appointment.





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Free Fishing this Weekend: June 8-10

Love to go fishing? Hate the hassle of getting a fishing license? This upcoming weekend is what you are looking for. Each year the State of Arkansas has a free fishing weekend. From June 8 through June 10, 2012, you can fish anywhere in the state without a fishing license. All other fishing rules apply, including size and other limits. The best part about this weekend is that the local fish hatcheries are holding fishing derbies for kids under the age of 12. All you need to bring is a rod and reel, or fishing pole. The lakes are stocked with catchable fish.

Free Fishing Weekend

Beginning at noon, Friday, June 8 until midnight, Sunday, June 10, residents and nonresidents may fish without fishing licenses or trout permits. Regulations for Arkansas waters apply: daily limits, slot limits and length limits must be observed. Anyone can fish, anywhere fishing is permitted.

Kids Fishing Derby

Kids’ Fishing Day at Arkansas Game and Fish, fish hatcheries is this Saturday, June 9 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
The derby is for kids 12 and younger. Each pond is stocked with catchable fish. Kids will need to bring fishing tackle and bait. A Limit of three fish per child is in place so everyone has a chance to catch a fish. One rod or pole per child is permitted.

Kids Fishing Day Locations

Joe Hogan State Fish Hatchery
23 Joe Hogan Lane | Lonoke 877-676-6963

C.B. Craig State Fish Hatchery
977 West Fish Hatchery Road | Centerton 877-795-2470

Andrew Hulsey State Fish Hatchery
350 Fish Hatchery Road | Hot Springs 877-525-8606

William Donham State Fish Hatchery
3587 U.S. Hwy. 67 West | Corning 877-857-3876

Jim Hinkle/Spring River State Fish Hatchery
895 Ark. Hwy. 342 | Mammoth Spring 877-625-7521

Checkout the AFGC Fishing Guidebook for great information about fishing in Arkansas.


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Free First-Grade Literature Curriculum from Hewitt Homeschooling

It is difficult to find quality homeschool resources. Hewitt Homeschooling is offering a free first-grade literature/language arts curriculum. You just have to sign up in order to receive notifications when the page updates.


Starting on September 30, 2012, Hewitt Homeschooling will upload four lessons, student guides and a teacher’s guide to their website. You can download the pdf files as you need them. The program is called Lightening Literature. An outline for the curriculum is available here. Most of the books are available at your public library or you can easily find them online at websites like or


I have looked over the outline and the resources listed on the webpage and it looks like a wonderful free resource for first-grade students. My children are in middle and high school, so this is not something I plan to use. If you decide to go with this program, drop me a line and let me know how it worked out for you.


Hope this is helpful


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Free Homeschool Help Workshop: Curriculum Choices


The next Homeschool Help workshop will be CURRICULUM CHOICES on Monday, March 26, from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Circle of Life Hospice Building in Springdale/Tontitown.

At this workshop Shelley will describe the different types of curriculum, how to choose and buy, and different
schooling philosophies and methods that shape the variety of curriculum that authors produce.
Some other topics that will be covered are Unit Studies, Living Books, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, and Classical Education.
There will NOT be any curriculum there to browse.

This is a FREE workshop, but donations are accepted to help cover the cost of handouts.
Invite a friend!

There will be no childcare provided. Nursing infants and babes in arms
are welcome.


From I540, take the Holiday Inn exit in Springdale (exit 72) and go west toward Tontitown.
Near Tontitown, turn right at the Jones Rd. stoplight. There is a Harps
on the right at that intersection.
Circle of Life is the first building on the right after Harps, 901 Jones Rd.
It says “Circle of Life” on the building, but at the entrance there is a
sign that says “Willard and Pat Walker Family Center”.

Hope to see you there!
Shelley and Marni

Shelley Kinder

[email protected]


Marni Hendrix

[email protected]



Hope you find this helpful


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Money Saving Car Care Tips for Northwest Arkansas Homeschoolers

In Northwest Arkansas, homeschoolers depend on their cars to get them where they need to go. We do not have mass transit in most places, so if the car dies, we are stuck. Thrifty homeschoolers will want to know where to get free air and where to get free car vacuum services. Check out the places listed below for free services and gas discounts.

Money saving car care tips for Northwest Arkansas:

1) Kum and Go gas stations have free air. Visit them to keep your tires properly inflated, thus saving on gas consumption.

2) Boomerang Car Wash has free vacuums. You do not have to purchase a car wash to use them. Save your vacuum and your electricity and use theirs for cleaning your car. If you do want to wash your car, their prices start at $6.00.

3) Load up a Walmart gift Card and use it to pay for gas at Murphys. You will save 10 cents a gallon. Use the gift card instead of a debit card. They charge $3.00 to load a debit card. This offer is good until September 2011. After that it should revert back to 3 cents off for a gift card. This offer is not good in Oklahoma, so fill up before you head out that way.

4) Check your fluids (oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid) regularly and top them off when necessary. This will keep your car running smoothly. Change the oil every 3,000 miles to prolong your engine life.

Hope these tips are useful.


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Daily Freebie for Thrify Arkansas Homeschoolers: Free Sample of Emergen-C

Here is something that we should all keep on hand, especially with the hot weather we are having. A free sample of Emergen-C is available to anyone who asks. You have to provide a valid mailing address so they can send the sample to you. Emergen-C contains vitamin C and Vitamin B. Mix it with water, it has a slight effervescence to it. I add it to my water bottle when I go to the gym and when I go walking in 90+ temps.

Thanks to All You Magazine for directing me to this one.

Hope you found this helpful

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