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Free Homeschool Help Workshop: Curriculum Choices


The next Homeschool Help workshop will be CURRICULUM CHOICES on Monday, March 26, from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Circle of Life Hospice Building in Springdale/Tontitown.

At this workshop Shelley will describe the different types of curriculum, how to choose and buy, and different
schooling philosophies and methods that shape the variety of curriculum that authors produce.
Some other topics that will be covered are Unit Studies, Living Books, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, and Classical Education.
There will NOT be any curriculum there to browse.

This is a FREE workshop, but donations are accepted to help cover the cost of handouts.
Invite a friend!

There will be no childcare provided. Nursing infants and babes in arms
are welcome.


From I540, take the Holiday Inn exit in Springdale (exit 72) and go west toward Tontitown.
Near Tontitown, turn right at the Jones Rd. stoplight. There is a Harps
on the right at that intersection.
Circle of Life is the first building on the right after Harps, 901 Jones Rd.
It says “Circle of Life” on the building, but at the entrance there is a
sign that says “Willard and Pat Walker Family Center”.

Hope to see you there!
Shelley and Marni

Shelley Kinder

[email protected]


Marni Hendrix

[email protected]



Hope you find this helpful


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Adult Education: Becoming an Outdoors Woman – part 2

walnut dyed bag

Walnut Dyed Bag

Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a program sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. I attended the 3 day program this past weekend at the C. A. Vines Center in Ferndale. It was a lot of fun and I took away skills and knowledge that I can share with my homeschooled children.

I attended workshops on Pioneer Woman Skills, Duck Hunting Basics, Rifle Markswomanship and Shotgunning basics. Other workshops offered were outdoor photography, survival skills, maps and orienteering, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, nature crafts, Dutch Oven cooking and bowhunting.

elk teeth, claw, and beaded necklace

Necklace made from elk teeth, beads, shot and claw

I learned how to start a fire with flint and steel. The workshop taught us how to make charcloth. We strung necklaces out of elk teeth, claws, shot and wooden beads. The beads were made from small twigs cut into pieces and drilled out in the center.  A large cast iron kettle was set up for cloth dyeing. I dyed a linen bag with pewter buttons. Whole, smashed walnuts were used for the dye. All of the walnut was used; husk, shell and nut.

The firearms courses taught me a lot about gun safety and the fun of shooting sports. Skeet shooting is a great stress relief and it is fun.

All homeschool parents should take time out from their busy schedules to find adult courses or workshops to attend. When you take a small break to do something you find fun, you return to your family refreshed and ready to teach.


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Homeschool Parent Education: Becoming an Outdoors Woman

This coming weekend I am packing up and heading out to Little Rock, without kids or husband in tow. For a change I decided to take part in an educational activity for myself – Becoming an Outdoors Woman, (BOW) a program offered by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Over the course of the weekend, I will be learning about duck hunting, pioneer woman skills, rifle markswomanship and shotgunning basics. I decided to complete the Hunter’s Education Course prior to attending the BOW program.

How will this help me with homeschooling? Simple–as every homeschool veteran knows, sometimes we all need a break from the kids. This program gives me an opportunity to learn skills that are completely foreign to me. It offers a grown-up only atmosphere for a couple of days. I plan to come back refreshed and ready to get back to work with the kids and writing. Both of my boys want to get involved in shooting sports. With the skills I plan on learning in the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program, I should be able to help them with this. I will post my thoughts and views of the program when I return on Sunday. It should be fun.

Homeschool parents need education and away time from their kids. It is important to keep your brain working–not just on K through 12 subjects but on subjects that interest you.


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