Homeschool Lesson: Meal Planning and Shopping

In keeping with the thrifty homeschooling theme of this blog, I have set forth a challenge to my family. I want to keep the food budget to $125.00 per week or $25.00 per family member per week.

We plan our meals 2 weeks in advance. Last night all five of us sat down to plan the meals for June 19th through July 3. We started with dinner as this usually the most expensive meal and it is the only meal we eat together as a family. The dinners included more ground turkey than normal. This is because I have been buying it in bulk quantities at Save-A-Lot. It is on sale for $1.00 a pound until June 26. I also scored a great deal on hot dogs last week and I bought 20 packages.

I did part of my shopping for the upcoming two weeks today. We spent $16.00 at the farmers market where we bought a quart of blueberries, 2 bunches of Swiss chard, 1 bunch of baby bok choi, and salad greens. I had the kids help me match-up coupons with deals at the stores. They decided that buying cereal at Save-A-Lot at two boxes for $2.00 was cheaper than making a separate trip to Walgreens where the same cereal is on sale for $1.99 a box. They took gas and travel time into account when making this decision. We bought 4 boxes of cereal and used two $0.75 off coupons. We decided that lunches would focus around Butterball turkey bologna as we had four $0.65 off coupons making it $.94 cents a pound. As a treat we bought 5 cans of Seattle’s Best Coffee. I had five get one free coupons so these did not cost anything. All total we spent $38 at Save-A-Lot. Before the coupons the total was $50.00.

Our goal for this week is to spend no more than $125.00 on food. With the kids input into the meal planning I think we will be able to make this work. the boys at ages 11, 16, and 18 should be involved in the meal planning and family budget. It is important to teach your kids how to budget and how to shop. I will post the final meal plans as soon as I have everything completed.

Hope you found this interesting.


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