Homeschool Teams Banned from MATHCOUNTS Competition

A prestigious national math competition sponsored by Raytheon Corporation called MATHCOUNTS has banned homeschoolers from competing in the team competition. In the past, homeschoolers have been able to compete as teams and they have done exceedingly well in the MATHCOUNTS competitions. This year, MATHCOUNTS has banned homeschoolers from competing as a way to deter what they consider cheating. Homeschoolers can still compete as individuals but this does not receive the same national recognition as the teams competition does.

According to MATHCOUNTS; small schools, virtual schools, and homeschools may not compete in the team comptetitions. However, no definition is given for small schools. The online response from MATHCOUNTS state the following:

“…At the same time, additional difficulties in administering the program were raised with the expansion of different types of non-traditional schooling options. Virtual schools, cyber schools and home schools in different states each have different criteria for a student to be considered an official representative of that school. With each year, it became more time and resource intensive to ensure that all participants representing these schools were fairly doing so in the same manner that the brick and mortar school participants had to…”

This ban is receiving national attention. See the Fox News interview with Penny Nance about MATHCOUNTS homeschool ban for a look at how homeschool families feel about this.

Personally, I think the ban is unecessary and discriminatory. Homeschoolers are not the ones hand picking elite students from out of the area, that is what the magnet and virtual schools are doing. Perhaps this is the brick and mortar schools way of eliminating their primary competitiors.


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