Money Saving Car Care Tips for Northwest Arkansas Homeschoolers

In Northwest Arkansas, homeschoolers depend on their cars to get them where they need to go. We do not have mass transit in most places, so if the car dies, we are stuck. Thrifty homeschoolers will want to know where to get free air and where to get free car vacuum services. Check out the places listed below for free services and gas discounts.

Money saving car care tips for Northwest Arkansas:

1) Kum and Go gas stations have free air. Visit them to keep your tires properly inflated, thus saving on gas consumption.

2) Boomerang Car Wash has free vacuums. You do not have to purchase a car wash to use them. Save your vacuum and your electricity and use theirs for cleaning your car. If you do want to wash your car, their prices start at $6.00.

3) Load up a Walmart gift Card and use it to pay for gas at Murphys. You will save 10 cents a gallon. Use the gift card instead of a debit card. They charge $3.00 to load a debit card. This offer is good until September 2011. After that it should revert back to 3 cents off for a gift card. This offer is not good in Oklahoma, so fill up before you head out that way.

4) Check your fluids (oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid) regularly and top them off when necessary. This will keep your car running smoothly. Change the oil every 3,000 miles to prolong your engine life.

Hope these tips are useful.


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