Notice of Intent and Waiver forms due on Monday, August 15th

Reminder to all homeschool parents in Arkansas. You must file a Notice of Intent and a Waiver form with your local superintendent’s office no later than Monday, August 15th if you want to be in compliance with the homeschool law. ┬áThere is a link to the forms on the right-hand side of the screen.

For first-time homeschoolers – the law states that you must hand deliver the forms to your local superintendent on or before August 15th. You do not have to discuss what is on the form with any employee at the office, but the form must be hand delivered.

Student Drivers – if your child is at least 14 years old and you plan on allowing them to drive, make a copy of your Notice of Intent and Waiver forms. There is a section at the bottom that must be filled out and notarized. Leave that bottom section blank until you are ready to take the permit test or road test. Before heading over to DMV, fill out the bottom of the form and get it notarized. Do not send a notarized copy to the school superintendent’s office, it is not necessary.

Other considerations – if you have moved into Arkansas from another state during the month of August, or if you have moved and your local school district has changed during the month of August, you have 30 days to notify the local school district’s superintendent office of your intent to homeschool. ┬áThe law states as follows:

 "Within thirty (30) calendar days of establishing residency within the district, parents or
guardians moving into the school district during the school year must give written notice to the
superintendent of their local school district of their intent to provide a home school for their children
and sign a waiver acknowledging that the State of Arkansas is not liable for the education of their
children during the time that the parents choose to home school."

Hope you found this helpful.


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