Review of The Well Planned Day Daily Planner

Every homeschooler needs a planner. Without one, it would be impossible to keep up with everything that needs to be done in a day. I need a planner or calender in order to organize my life. In my world, if something is not on the calender, it does not exist. It has taken me a long time and lots of trial and error to finally find a planner that is almost perfect for me. The Well Planned Day daily planner has everything I want in a planner with a price that is reasonable, that is why I decided to purchase one as my planner for the upcoming year.

Prior to using the Well Planned Day, I had a calender for all events and a separate schedule for homeschool lessons. This can become an issue when a field trip or 4H activity conflicts with the homeschooling. I would have to go back to my lesson planner and change it to match my calender. This is way too much work for me.

The Well Planned Day offers me an all-in-one planner. It has a place to write in everything for the month and it has a weekly view. I really like the budgeting features and shopping lists.  A teacher’s planner is included and you can add student schedules for up to 4 children. Having everything in one place works best for me.

Other features of this planner include inspirational articles on homeschooling from the Home School Family Magazine, report cards and progress reports, and the ability to keep track of grades. This is very important for college bound high school and middle school students. You can easily create a transcript if you use this planner to keep track of the grades and credits.

Thrifty homeschoolers will like the price. The Well Planned Day planner in a spiral binding, is $24.95 as of July 2011. A pdf version where you print out the pages you need is available for less. Other options include planners for high school and middle school students and a binder designed to hold more than one planner. The binder will zip closed to keep everything neat.

Christian homeschoolers in Arkansas will enjoy the weekly view which includes a catechism, proof text for memorization and a quote that relates. The Well Planned Day uses the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Overall, I am impressed with The Well Planned Day daily planner. Although there are some features that I will not use, the overall planner is of great value to me and well worth the price. If you decide to purchase one, let me know what you think.




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