A is for Activity

This is the first of my A to Z blogging challenge posts. Homeschoolers need to get out and get moving. Most of us do park days and some of us do PE classes, but what about everyday activity for the kids? I know I get bogged down with school work, house work, and with chemo–I just feel lousy sometimes. Here are some fun ways to get daily physical activity into your homeschool.


Wii or Kinect

I love the Wii. You can set up your own profile in Wii Sports and all of the other fitness programs that use the Wii board. Spend an hour with your kids and Wii Sports and everyone can benefit. This makes a great rainy day activity and it is a good way to put an end to cabin fever.


Don’t have a Wii? An Xbox Kinect will work just as well. They have a lot of fitness games, and you are not limited to a board.



Get the kids outside and weed the garden, mow the lawn and sweep the walks. Maybe not the most fun of all activities, but they burn calories and the work needs to be done.


Mess kit hockey

Okay, this one requires a large family room, an old mess kit or other aluminum dish, a broom and at least six people. A smooth floor with no carpet works best. I don’t recommend this for high-end wood floors.


Choose teams. Teams line up on facing each other. A goal is marked on either end of the room. Use the mess kit as the puck and brooms as the hockey sticks. Hit the puck into the opposing goal. It is a lot of fun, but it will trash the mess kit or aluminum dish.


Crystal Bridges

For homeschoolers in Northwest Arkansas, park at the Compton Gardens parking lot. Wednesday evening is the best time to go–about 45 minutes before sunset. Start down the Crystal Bridges Trail and head toward Skyspace. Take in the Skyspace experience and talk then continue down the art trail to the museum. You can circle back to the parking lot, or you can take one of the other trails. The grounds are beautiful. Look for boulders with numbers on them and see if you can find them all. This is a unique way to get everyone outdoors and moving.


Hope this gives you a few good ideas.


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