Extreme couponing leads to the arrest of a Lowell, Arkansas woman

How desperate do you have to be to get coupons? Check out this new story from Fox 16 News. A 34-year old woman from Lowell stole 185 Sunday papers.  These were unsold copies left outside of a grocery store. What people do not realize is that the newspaper carriers are charged for every paper that is not returned. If you want free papers–ask for them or go dumpster diving–don’t rip off the newspaper carriers who are trying to make a few extra bucks.


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Extreme Couponing Results at Walmart

I’ve recently discovered the show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. I don’t watch a lot of TV so I am sometimes a little behind on current shows. The concept of the show is intriguing. Most of the featured coupon users shop at  stores that have customer reward cards and generous  double coupon policies. Here in NWA double coupons at Harps or Price Cutter are very limited. Walmart has good prices but can you reach extreme savings–70 percent or more–using face value coupons at Walmart?

I decided to give it a try. My results were surprising. This was a small scale shopping. Here is a link to my article that explains exactly what I did. Looks like you can pay pennies on the dollar if you plan ahead and use coupons wisely. A great tip for shopping at Walmart is to bring a current Harps sales flyer with you. Walmart will match prices on anything in the flyer. Hope this information helps you out on your next shopping trip.


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