Walmart Reduces Gas Prices by 10 Cents a Gallon

Here is a tip for thrifty homeschoolers. Walmart has reduced the price it charges for gas by 10 cents a gallon. This is a temporary rollback from now until September 2011. You must purchase the gas at any Walmart store and you have to use either a Walmart gift card or debit card.

This is great news for Arkansas homeschoolers. Here in Northwest Arkansas, there are plenty of Walmart gas stations. Homeschool families in this area tend to be on the road a lot. It makes sense to load up a Walmart card with your weekly or monthly gas allowance and use this deal while it lasts. This is great news for me, I’m drving back and forth to Little Rock five more times this month. That should put another 1,250 miles on my car.

Hope this tip helps your family stretch an extra dollar or two out of the budget.

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Posted on 1 July '11 by , under Coupons, Thrifty Homeschooling.

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